Sunday, July 29, 2012

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This is what you missed: "Changes":

I need to inform you, as a subscriber to Braggin' Rights Bath & Spa's
newsletter; that we are now The Handmaden Soap Company. I will offer most of
the same products and some new ones- the packaging will be different than you
were used to, but my committment to quality remains the same.  I hope that
you can embrace The Handmaden Soap Company as you did Braggin' Rights...
Sometimes change is neccessary- this is not a bad thing, it is good! I hope
you will support my new shop, Facebook Page, etc. It really got empty and
lonely when the new one was created... I know that I can count on you though.
Thank you, my customers ARE my business, not the name of it.

   So, take a look at some of the products and their "new look", I still
   have alot to do... Click on the pictures for more information...

   One thing I need to do is to give you a coupon code (valid at my Etsy
   shop for retail customers in the US only):
   It will entitle you to free shipping on your order placed before
   8/28/2012 (1 time usage).

   Thanks for being the best!


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